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One Sprayer - Three Applications

  • Graco Distribution BVBA
Liquid Coating

A new electric-powered airless sprayer enabled three users with different requirements and circumstances to improve the efficiency of their coating process and reduce their costs.

The Russian company Yuzh Tekhmontage builds and repairs industrial plants. Its existing electric sprayers were not performing well because they operated at low pressure and so the company began looking for a new airless sprayer for coating steel structures.

The mobile e-Xtreme Ex45 sprayer from Graco, which is mounted on a trolley, met all the company's requirements, including a high spraying pressure of 310 bar. The sprayer is approved in accordance with ATEX and IECEx for use in explosive atmospheres and areas where ignition hazards present a problem.

The new sprayer can apply a viscous two-component epoxy coating (Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength 45751) to the steel structures without problems and without the addition of a thinning agent at a ratio of ten percent. Evgeniy Kabalaliev, head of the production...

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