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Electrostatic System and Powder Feed Combined

  • Gema Switzerland GmbH
Powder Coating

A new powder management centre consists of a powder feed, a control unit and an electrostatic system. As a large control cabinet is not required, the powder centre takes up very little space. It also has simple operation, control and cleaning processes.

The operation area of the new powder management centre from Gema (OptiCenter All-in-One) has no hoses or quick-release connectors. The injector is located directly on the newly developed control unit (OptiStar All-in-One), which is why no pneumatic hoses are needed to connect the two components of the system. As a result, it takes up very little space and can be easily integrated into the powder management centre which can control up to 36 spray guns and supply them with powder. Because there is no need for a large control cabinet, the footprint of the new powder centre is much smaller than that of other similar models.

Injector and controls in one unit

The (OptiFlow) injectors have a single-component cartridge design and form one unit...

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