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New Developments for Ultra-Fine Cleaning and Activation

  • Ecoclean GmbH
Parts Cleaning

Many manufacturing processes require clean and sometimes also activated surfaces. New cleaning solutions have been developed to meet these requirements. One of them combines wet chemical and low-pressure plasma cleaning in a single machine, while another enables the integration of different applications, such as atmospheric pressure plasma treatment and laser treatment, into one system.

Whether it is automotive manufacturing and its supplier industries, mechanical engineering, aerospace, precision and micromechanics, medical and optical systems, electronics, or other fields of industry - component parts need to be cleaned in order to prevent quality problems in downstream processes and to ensure faultless product performance. In recent years, the focus in many industries has been primarily on removing particulate contaminants. However, new or modified production, joining, and coating technologies, as well as new materials and material combinations, now mean that the elimination of...

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