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Sharp Paint Lines without Overspray

  • Dürr Systems AG
Automotive Finishing

The trend toward customization is also on the increase when it comes to choosing the color of a car. A new application solution now ensures maximum precision in applying sharp paint lines without overspray, thus allowing fully automated two-tone painting.

When only one type of paint is applied, modern automotive paint shops are extremely efficient. With the aid of highly automated processes, large plants can paint more than 300,000 car bodies per year in a consistently high quality.

However, if a contrasting or accent color is added, for example on a roof or as a design strip, the amount of work required increases considerably. Once the entire car body has been painted in the base color and has dried and cooled, masking tape then has to be applied by hand, except for the areas that need to be painted in a different color. The car body then goes back again to the painting line, where the second color is applied. After more drying and cooling, the tape has to be removed, once again by...

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  • Dürr Systems AG
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  1. 1.Dürr Systems AGment of the technology, which can also paint more complex geometries. This version, which is known as EcoPaintJet Pro, enables each hole in the nozzle plate to be open and closed individually. This offers even more possibilities for product customization. In the future, the automatic application of lettering and logos, similar to a digital printer, is also expected to be possible. //ContactDürr Systems AGBietigheim-BissingenGermany

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