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FEM simulation of loads improves safety

  • Jürgen Emptmeyer GmbH
Accessories Hooks and hangers

For paint shops that need to increase their internal safety levels, the finite element method is a cost-effective alternative for simulating the load capacity of hooks and hangers. This process can be used during the development phase and helps to identify potential cost savings.

Paint shops need to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency when loading racks and parts holders. Effective use must be made of the painting area and the parts handling processes must be as simple as possible. However, it is also essential to take safety into consideration. Load capacity testing and certification of hooks and hangers is becoming an increasingly important service. Jürgen Emptmeyer, a company that supplies painting accessories, carries out tests of the load capacity of its products. It uses two methods, which differ in terms of their approach and their cost.

The first process involves testing every individual hook under real-life conditions. If a hook can withstand the load, it is...

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