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Dear readers of INFECTION,

The Journal’s aims and scope include a broad spectrum of infectious disease entities and microorganisms. Fungal infections play an important role in a medical world with increasing numbers of patients undergoing chemotherapies, bone marrow transplants, and immunosuppression due to solid organ transplantation [1,2,3,4,5,6]. The field of antimycotic therapeutic options is still developing at an amazing pace. INFECTION will continue to publish scientific work in the field of fungal diseases. In this section, we are proud to present our new Section Editor Professor Birgit Willinger from Vienna, Austria [7].

Birgit Willinger is Professor and Consultant of Clinical Microbiology at the Division of Clinical Microbiology, Department of Laboratory Medicine, at the Medical University of Vienna. Moreover, she is head of the Austrian reference laboratory for yeasts and moulds. Like all the Sections within INFECTION, a clinician and a clinical microbiologist lead the Section “Fungal Diseases”. Birgit Willinger will join Professor Andrew Ullmann, our clinician in this section. As we welcome Ms. Willinger, it is my personal wish to say a warm thank you to Professor Cornelia Lass-Flörl, who served in this function for about 8 years in an excellent way. She was not only present in person at our team meetings and steering conversations of the Journal, but also contributed with personal advice and the invitation of review articles [8]. Thank you, Cornelia! We will stay in touch and I look forward to your future manuscripts.

INFECTION receives submissions from all parts of the world. For example, 35% of all submitted manuscripts in 2018 came from Asia, as compared to 39% from Europe. Therefore, it is desirable to expand the Board of Editors also to Asia. Professor Mamie Hui from Hong Kong will be the successor of Professor Harald Seifert (Cologne, Germany) who will retire and has, therefore, asked to step down as Section Editor in the Section “Clinical Microbiology”. Thank you, Harald, for being with INFECTION for almost 8 years and for all your constructive work in this section. [9, 10].

Mamie Hui is Professor and Consultant at the Faculty for Microbiology of the Chinese University Hong Kong. Her research interests are in the fields of Clinical Bacteriology including the human microbiome and its role as disease determinant as well as health care-associated infections [11, 12]. She holds numerous honorary appointments and prizes, including Best Teacher awards at her faculty. She has been active at INFECTION as a Peer Reviewer since 2006 and has served the Journal with a high number of reviews. Together with Prof. Silvano Esposito form Salerno, Italy, she will take care of manuscripts with a focus on microbiological aspects.

At this point, it is my pleasure to say thank you to all Section Editors of INFECTION for their competent and timely work in the editorial process. This has made it possible to speed up the turnaround times from submission to decision and has contributed considerably to the quality of contents of those manuscripts that are ultimately published in INFECTION.

Finally, it is time to say thank you to the Publisher and its team, which is in charge of INFECTION. Ms. Patricia Ann Wiley has taken over the responsibility as Publishing Editor and she is not only of assistance with questions around the organisation of the Journal but also with multiple communications with authors, editors, reviewers, and the production line.


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