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High proportion of HIV late presenters at an academic tertiary care center in northern Germany confirms the results of several cohorts in Germany: time to put better HIV screening efforts on the national agenda?

  • Guido Schäfer
  • Benno Kreuels
  • Stefan Schmiedel
  • Sandra Hertling
  • Anja Hüfner
  • Olaf Degen
  • Jan van Lunzen
  • Julian Schulze zur WieschEmail author
Brief Report


165 treatment-naive patients who first presented at the infectious disease clinic of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf from 2009 to 2011 were retrospectively analyzed with emphasis on patients with late presentation (LP). In line with other recent German reports, there was a large proportion of 105 of the 165 treatment-naïve patients (63.6 %) who presented late. Old age, heterosexual transmission risk and migrant background were associated risk factors for late presentation. Thus, further intensified national efforts like the HIV in Europe initiative are needed to identify such patients at high risk for HIV infection.


HIV Late presentation Cohort study Epidemiology Germany 



We thank the patients who participated in this study. JvL, OD, BK and JSW are supported by the German Center for Infection (DZIF) German Research. JSzW is supported by the German research agency (SFB841 project A6).

Conflict of interest

JvL has received speaker´s honoraria, served as an advisor and received project funding from Abbvie, Bionor AS, Boehringer; Bristol Myers-Squibb, Genetic Immunity, Gilead, GSK, Janssen-Cilag, MSD, Roche and Vision7, and is currently an employee of ViiV Healthcare. OD has received speaker´s honoraria from Gilead, MSD, Roche, Boehringer, Janssen-Cilag, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Bristol Myers-Squibb, GSK and ViiV. SS, AH, SH, GS and JSW have received speakers´ honoraria from Gilead, MSD and Roche.


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  • Benno Kreuels
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  • Stefan Schmiedel
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  • Sandra Hertling
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  • Anja Hüfner
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  • Olaf Degen
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  • Jan van Lunzen
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  • Julian Schulze zur Wiesch
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