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New, stable and reusable magnetic Fe3O4/PEG@CPTMS-thioaminophenol@Ni nanocatalyst for the synthesis of dispiro-cyclopropanes’s Meldrum’s acid

  • Nader Noroozi PesyanEmail author
  • Sepideh Bibak
  • Michael Aalinejad
Original Paper


Magnetic Fe3O4/PEG@CPTMS-thioaminophenol@Ni nanocatalyst as a heterogeneous, stable and reusable nanocatalyst was formed. This nanocatalyst was characterized by FT-IR, XRD, TGA, ICP, SEM, EDS and VSM techniques and was used for six times without decreasing activity. This nanocatalyst was used successfully for the synthesis of 3,3,10,10-tetramethyl-13-aryl(alkyl)-2,4,9,11-tetraoxadispiro[]tridecane-1,5,8,12-tetraones (dispiro-cyclopropane’s based on Meldrum’s acid) by the reaction of various aldehydes and Meldrum’s acid in the presence of triethylamine and cyanogen bromide in excellent yield.

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Fe3O4 Dispiro-cyclopropane Meldrum’s acid 2-Amino thiophenol 


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  1. 1.Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of ChemistryUrmia UniversityUrmiaIran

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