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Zinc polyoxometalate immobilized on ionic liquid-modified MCM-41: an efficient reusable catalyst for the selective oxidation of alcohols with hydrogen peroxide

  • Robabeh HajianEmail author
  • Fereshteh Jafari
Original Paper


In this study, Keggin-type polyoxometalate [n-C4H9)4N]x[PW11ZnO39].nH2O was successfully immobilized on imidazole-functionalized ionic liquid-modified mesoporous MCM-41 by physical adsorption. The PW11Zn@MCM-41-Im was characterized by FT-IR, ICP, XRD, SEM, nitrogen adsorption and desorption and DRUV–Vis analysis. The results indicated that ZnPW11 could be successfully immobilized on mesoporous MCM-41-Im. This heterogeneous catalyst showed high catalytic performance and excellent selectivity in the oxidation of alcohols to the corresponding carbonyl groups with hydrogen peroxide. Furthermore, the supported ionic liquid catalyst was recovered by simple filtration and reused in four reaction runs with the preserve of the catalytic activity.


Ionic liquid MCM-41 Oxidation alcohols Heterogeneous catalyst Mesoporous material 



We are thankful to the Yazd University Research Council for partial support of this work.

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