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, Volume 15, Issue 11, pp 2585–2592 | Cite as

Evaluation of polypyrrole/silver/polyethylene glycol nanocomposite sorbent for electroenhanced direct-immersion solid-phase microextraction of carvacrol and thymol from medicinal plants

  • Ali Reza Ghiasvand
  • Sana Abdolhosseini
  • Nahid Heidari
  • Brett Paull
Original Paper


The unique features of nanostructured polypyrrole, conductivity enhancement effect of silver nanoparticles and high polar adsorptivity of polyethylene glycol were merged into polypyrrole/silver/polyethylene glycol (PPy/Ag/PEG) nanocomposite. It was synthesized and simultaneously coated on the surface of a stainless-steel fiber using an amended electropolymerization procedure. Before coating, the fiber substrate was made porous and sticky by allocating platinum dots on the surface of the stainless-steel fiber using the electrophoretic method. The prepared fiber was applied for the extraction of carvacrol and thymol (the most important antioxidants in medicinal plants) through an electroenhanced direct-immersion solid-phase microextraction (EE-DI-SPME) sampling strategy, followed by GC-FID quantification. To achieve the best efficiency, the effectual experimental variables including pH of sample solution, applied voltage, extraction temperature and time, stirring rate, and ionic strength were investigated. Under the optimal experimental conditions, the calibration curves were linear over the range of 0.5–30 µg mL−1 for thymol and 0.01–30 µg mL−1 for carvacrol. The detection limits (3Sb) and relative standard deviation (RSD%, n = 6) were obtained to be 0.15, 0.003 µg mL−1 and 10.2, 8.7% for thymol and carvacrol, respectively. The results demonstrated the priority of the proposed fiber compared with polypyrrole and polyacrylate fibers, in terms of extraction efficiency, durability and stability. The developed method was successfully employed for the analysis of thymol and carvacrol in medicinal plants.


Electroenhanced direct-immersion solid-phase microextraction Polypyrrole/silver/polyethylene glycol nanocomposite Antioxidants GC-FID 


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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryLorestan UniversityKhoramabadIran
  2. 2.Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science, School of ChemistryUniversity of TasmaniaHobartAustralia

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