DBAHCL: database for Arabic handwritten characters and ligatures

  • Nidal LamghariEmail author
  • Said Raghay
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Unlike Latin, the recognition of Arabic handwritten characters remains at the level of research and experimentation. In fact, it has an undeniable interest in carrying out tasks that may be tedious in certain areas, namely the automatic processing of Arab administrative records, the digitization and safeguarding of the written Arab cultural heritage, and so on. The availability of a database makes it possible to compare objectively the results of the different systems developed in this field. Indeed, the recognition of Arabic handwriting characters still catches the absence of a reference database of Arabic handwritten characters covering all forms of Arabic characters and all possible ligatures of the characters. This article introduces a new database for Arabic handwritten characters and ligatures. This database is designed to cover all forms of Arabic characters, including ligatures. It contains 9900 ligatures and 5500 characters written by 50 writers.


Arabic characters Ligatures Handwritten Recognition Database 


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