Biosimilars for Psoriasis—Experience from Europe

  • Arnon D. CohenEmail author
  • Tiago Torres
  • Wolf-Henning Boehncke
  • Menno de Rie
  • Denis Jullien
  • Luigi Naldi
  • Caitriona Ryan
  • Robert Strohal
  • Lone Skov
  • Peter van de Kerkhof
  • Joelle M. van der Walt
  • Jashin J. Wu
  • Claus Zachariae
  • Lluis Puig
  • Helen Young
Invited Commentary


Purpose of Review

Over the last several years, major changes have occurred in Europe regarding the use of biosimilars. Some countries such as Norway, Denmark, and the United Kingdom (UK) have a relatively high market penetration of biosimilars, whereas in other European countries, biosimilar uptake is low. The objectives of this review are to describe the use of biosimilars in selected European countries, using “real-life” information from members of the International Psoriasis Council (IPC) who are key opinion leaders in dermatology. The use of biosimilars for patients with psoriasis is continuously discussed and reviewed by the IPC, through in-person meetings by members of the Biosimilar Working Group (BSWG).

Recent Findings

In preparation for this paper, we surveyed the use of biosimilars for patients with psoriasis through European BSWG members, who were asked to describe the situation in their countries. The survey collected information from each IPC councilor regarding the use of biosimilars currently on the market, guidelines for interchangeability, traceability, and naming of these agents. In addition, information regarding pricing, access, and physician/patient education was obtained. The status of biosimilars was discussed at an IPC biosimilar working group roundtable event which was held in Stockholm on June 28th, 2018.


With increased use of biosimilars likely in the future, the IPC will continue to provide leadership, education, and guidance for dermatologists to maximize the challenges presented by the adoption of biosimilars into clinical practice and improve the choice of biologic treatment for patients with moderate-severe psoriasis.


Biologic Biosimilar Traceability Substitution Europe Psoriasis 



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