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Update to the guidelines for selection of lung-transplant candidates

Lung Transplant (M Zamora, Section Editor)


Lung transplantation (LT) for treatment for end stage lung disease is becoming increasingly available, and can improve survival and quality of life for some patients. Because of limited availability of donor organs and because of limited post-transplant survival of recipients, appropriate selection of candidates is invariably important. Since the revision of the 2006 international guidelines for selection of lung-transplant recipients, new literature has continued to improve our understanding of the effect of non-pulmonary comorbidities on disease-specific prognosis. By applying this new understanding to evaluation of potential lung-transplant recipients, we can best ensure optimum allocation of the limited resource of donor organs to recipients that are most likely to benefit from LT. This article will review the most recent literature on lung transplant candidate selection to provide an updated framework for optimum allocation of this limited resource.


Lung transplantation End stage lung disease Lung allocation score Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Interstitial lung disease Cystic fibrosis Pulmonary hypertension Sarcoidosis 


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