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Steve Bruce: Secular Beats Spiritual: The Westernization of the Easternization of the West

Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2017, 199 pp, ISBN: 978-0-19-880568-7
  • Roland Robertson
Book review

In yet another of his books on secularization, Steve Bruce attempts to show how so-called Eastern religious beliefs and practices have migrated to the West and in the process become Westernized. Secular Beats Spiritual consists primarily in discussions of the manner in which various beliefs and practices of Eastern origin have migrated, in a sense unsuccessfully, to British society. His choice of Britain is particularly important since he uses this as the major example of a rapidly secularizing society, this however without any justification. The principal movements that he attends to include those that are classified as examples of contemporary spirituality, particularly those of a new age type; what Bruce titles as Yogins and Yoga, this chapter mainly concentrating on Hinduism; Buddhism that has been transmitted from various societies and, fourth, Islam, characterized as “the un-pillaged Eastern religion.”

It is more than interesting to note that Bruce himself characterizes his...

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