J. Christopher Soper and Joel S. Fetzer: Religion and Nationalism in Global Perspective

2018, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 267 pp
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The literatures on religion and nationalism are immense and ever-growing, but they have for the most part been separate from each other. Remedying this gap through a systematic study of the religion-nationalism nexus in a comparative-historical perspective, the authors J. Christopher Soper and Joel S. Fetzer base their analysis on three models that are deemed salient globally: secular nationalism, religious nationalism, and civil-religious nationalism.

Secular nationalism (SN) demarcates religious authority from public bodies, and forges a nonreligious concept of politics and nationhood. Religious nationalism (RN) does the opposite; it intertwines the state with a religious establishment, and defines group identity with reference to faith. Civil-religious nationalism (CRN), finally, is understood as a middle ground between the two poles: unlike SN, CRN acknowledges and endorses the place of religion in the making of national solidarity, yet unlike RN’s discriminatory ways, it hinges on...


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