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Acknowledgements to reviewers

Editorial Material

On behalf of the Editors of Dairy Science & Technology, we wish to thank all the following scientists who have generously contributed their time and expertise to review papers received between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013. Many of them performed several reviews during this time span. Their valuable comments have not only been of inestimable help in assessing the merit of the papers but also have often greatly enhanced the value of these manuscripts and subsequent quality of the journal. We are sincerely grateful.

Anne Thierry, Editor in chief

Magalie Weber, Managing Editor

Marzia Albenzio

Efstathios E. Alichanidis

Rafael Lisandro Althaus

Miguel A. Alvarez

Lourdes Amigo

Ylva Ardö

Anastasio Argüello

Muthupandian Ashokkumar

Frédéric Auvray

Sameh Awad

Florence Baron

Luis Javier Rodriguez Barron

Gianni Battacone

Thierry Bénézech

Carina Bergamini

Françoise Berthier

Walter Bisig

Giuseppe Blaiotta

Pascal Blanpain-Avet

Chris G. Bloore

Sarah Booth

Adriano Brandelli

Milena Brasca


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