History and National Initiatives of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Research in Brazil

  • Marcos A. Pimenta
  • Laura A. Geracitano
  • Solange B. FaganEmail author
Atomic Physics


In this article, we first introduce and discuss the fundamental science of carbon nanomaterials (especially nanotubes and graphene) and the different technological applications from using these materials. We then discuss the first works of Brazilians scientists, done in collaboration with scientists of other countries and, in particular, the role of Prof. M. S. Dresselhaus from MIT, US, in the development of the nanocarbon science in Brazil. We briefly discuss some experimental and theoretical works about nanotubes and graphene done in Brazil in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the formation of the first Brazilian network on carbon nanotubes in 2005. We present the activities of the National Institute of Science and Technology (INCT) in Carbon Nanomaterials (CN) created in 2009. A scientometric analysis is used to describe the INCT-CN network formation. Finally, we present the Center of Technology in Nanomaterials (CTNano) installed at UFMG, where pilot plants were developed to produce graphene and nanotubes at large scales, and the work being done at the center in collaboration with companies aiming to solve specific technological problems and to create bridges between the academic and the industrial sectors.


Graphene Carbon nanotubes Nanotechnology Scientometric Analysis 



Laura A. Geracitano is Postdoctoral Fellowship CAPES/BRASIL (88887.169785/2018-00).


This study is financially supported by the CNPq and FAPEMIG for the INCT in Carbon Nanomaterials.


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