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International Conference on Piracy at Sea 2011

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Reports and Comments

International Conference on Piracy at Sea (ICOPAS) 2011, held in Malmö, Sweden on 17–19 October 2011, was a memorable, worthwhile, and beneficial conference for all attendees. It was jointly hosted by the World Maritime University and the International Maritime Organization, and it brought together the leading stakeholders and subject matter experts from throughout maritime industry, academia, governments, general public, special interest groups, etc. to generate thought-provoking discussions on the best approach to a coordinated response on multiple fronts to combating and, ultimately, eradicating maritime piracy. Over 407 participants attended and shared their voices in developing the Malmö Declaration, the conference's final resolution that calls on all participants and their organizations to use their resources and energies in the most optimal manner to meet the goals generated and agreed upon at the ICOPAS. Needless to say, this was not your ordinary conference and far from your...


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