Oliver Payne (ed): Inspiring sustainable behavior by Oliver Payne

  • Adam Mayer
Book Review

Payne’s Inspiring Sustainable Behavior: 19 ways to ask for change is a short, tightly written book that focuses on how to get individuals to take more ecologically conscious actions. The book is framed around how to properly “ask” for sustainability using 19 different question formats. Chapter titles include “Ask using the write words” and “Ask for it back.” The book is almost exclusively informed by the economic psychology, consumer behavior, and behavioral economics literature. As such, the author’s approach centers on how to properly frame requests for behavior to create more sustainable outcomes. Payne is especially interested in sustainable consumption and consumer behavior.

For Payne, the reason why people make ecologically unconscious choices has to do with counterintuitive psychological quirks, irrationalities, and how choices are offered and questions are framed. To argue this case, a number of contemporary and historical studies are used. The author discusses recent research...

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