Charles Saylan and Daniel T. Blumstein (eds): The failure of environmental education (and how we can fix it)

University of California Press, 2011
  • Matt Biggar
Book Review

The title of this provocative new book suggests that environmental education as a field is broken and that the authors know how to fix it. However, from the start of the book, the authors’ primary argument is much less about failures within the field of environmental education but rather the overall educational system failing to integrate environmental education. Environmental educators should read this book not to learn what their field has done wrong, but why and how it is needed to play a larger role in education overall. Despite the mismatch between the title of the book and its content, the book provides a strong argument for change and valuable insights into many issues surrounding the state of the environment and education’s role in addressing these issues.

The book’s authors—Daniel Blumstein, a scientist and educator, and Charles Saylan, an entrepreneur and nonprofit director—lay out their chief complaint early: Environmental education, where it exists, is often limited to...


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