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Simulation of biomass gasification in a dual fluidized bed gasifier

  • Jie He
  • Kristina Göransson
  • Ulf Söderlind
  • Wennan ZhangEmail author
Original Article


Biomass gasification with steam in a dual-fluidized bed gasifier (DFBG) was simulated with ASPEN Plus. From the model, the yield and composition of the syngas and the contents of tar and char can be calculated. The model has been evaluated against the experimental results measured on a 150 KWth Mid Sweden University (MIUN) DFBG. The model predicts that the content of char transferred from the gasifier to the combustor decreases from 22.5 wt.% of the dry and ash-free biomass at gasification temperature 750°C to 11.5 wt.% at 950°C, but is insensitive to the mass ratio of steam to biomass (S/B). The H2 concentration is higher than that of CO under the normal DFBG operation conditions, but they will change positions when the gasification temperature is too high above about 950°C, or the S/B ratio is too low under about 0.15. The biomass moisture content is a key parameter for a DFBG to be operated and maintained at a high gasification temperature. The model suggests that the gasification temperature is difficult to be kept above 850°C when the biomass moisture content is higher than 15.0 wt.%. Thus, a certain amount of biomass needs to be added in the combustor to provide sufficient heat for biomass devolatilization and steam reforming. Tar content in the syngas can also be predicted from the model, which shows a decreasing trend of the tar with the gasification temperature and the S/B ratio. The tar content in the syngas decreases significantly with gasification residence time which is a key parameter.


Biomass Gasification Simulation Tar 



Dry and ash free


Lower-heating value, MJ/Nm3

ag, k, m, n, x, y



The gas constant


Heat carried by bed material, KW


The mass ratio of steam to biomass


Mass flow, kg/s


Pressure, atm


Temperature, °C


Gasification residence time, s

Bed porosity


The maximum value of the mass transfer coefficient, m/s

\( fv_{\text{char}}^c,\;fv_{\text{char}}^i \)

(Current and initial) char flow, kg/s


Biomass/char particle diameter, m

[6 × (1 − ∊)]/\( d_p^c \)

Particle density number, 1/m

Mi, Mc

Moisture content, wt. %


Concentration, mol/m3

\( C_{\text{ash}}^{\text{wp}} \)

Ash content, wt. %

\( C_{\text{char}}^w,\;C_{\text{tar}}^w \)

Concentration, kg/kg biomassdaf

\( {r_{\text{char}}},\;{r_{\text{tar}}} \)

Reaction rate, mol·m−3·s−1



The author would like to acknowledge the project support of EU regional structure fund, Ångpanneföreningen Foundation for Research and Development, LKAB, Västernorrland Länsstyrelsen, FOKUSERA, Härnösand Kommun, Toyato, SCA BioNorr and SUNTIB.


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  • Jie He
    • 1
  • Kristina Göransson
    • 1
  • Ulf Söderlind
    • 1
  • Wennan Zhang
    • 2
    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Natural Sciences, Engineering and MathematicsMid Sweden UniversityHärnösandSweden
  2. 2.Department of Natural Sciences, Engineering and MathematicsMid Sweden UniversitySundsvallSweden

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