Countable tightness and \({\mathfrak {G}}\)-bases on free topological groups

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Given a Tychonoff space X, let F(X) and A(X) be respectively the free topological group and the free Abelian topological group over X in the sense of Markov. In this paper, we consider two topological properties of F(X) or A(X), namely the countable tightness and \(\mathfrak G\)-base. We provide some characterizations of the countable tightness and \(\mathfrak G\)-base of F(X) and A(X) for various special classes of spaces X. Furthermore, we also study the countable tightness and \(\mathfrak G\)-base of some \(F_{n}(X)\) of F(X).

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    Recently, T. Banakh has told me that he has given an affirmative answer to this question.


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The authors wish to thank professors Salvador Hernández and Boaz Tsaban for telling us some information of the paper [10]. Moreover, the authors wish to thank professor Chuan Liu for reading parts of this paper and making comments. Finally, we hope to thank professor Shou Lin for finding a gap in our proof of Theorem 3.18 in the previous version and giving some key for us to supplement the proof.

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  • Free topological group
  • Free Abelian topological group
  • Countable tightness
  • Countable fan-tightness
  • \({\mathfrak {G}}\)-base
  • strong Pytkeev property
  • Universally uniform \({\mathfrak {G}}\)-base

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