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Characterization of high quality chalcogenide thin film fabricated by chemical bath deposition



The structural, electrical and optical properties of chalcogenide thin films deposited by chemical bath deposition are studied as a function of the pH value of the chemical bath. The orthorhombic polycrystalline structures thin films with preferred orientation along (201) are determined by the x-ray diffraction technique (XRD). The surface morphology of the thin films is determined using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Measurements of electrical were carried out using a Hall Effect measurement. According to this measurement data, the mobility increases from 98.4 to 670.9 (cm2/V·s). To determine optical properties of the thin films, UV-vis spectrometer was used. We determined that the optical band gap (Eg) of the film gradually decreases from 2.22 to 1.95 eV with increase in the pH value of the chemical bath. Additionally, the refractive index and extinction coefficient of the thin films were calculated using these data.


thin films chalcogenide chemical bath deposition the effect of pH 


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