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Weak contractions on chains in a generalized metric space with a partial order



Weak contraction mapping principle is a generalization of the Banach contraction mapping principle. Weakly contractive mappings are intermediate to contraction mappings and nonexpansive mappings. They have been studied in several contexts. Metric fixed point theory in partially ordered spaces have rapidly developed in recent times. In this paper we extend the concept of weak contraction to subset of a partially ordered generalized metric space which are chains by themselves. It is noted that this weak contraction is different from weak contraction on the whole space. We prove here that under certain assumptions the weakly contractive mapping on certain chains will have a fixed point. Two illustrative examples are given.


\(G\)-metric space Partially ordered set Weak contraction Fixed point Orbit Monotone property 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)




The work is supported by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India, under Research Project No - 25(0168)/09/EMR-II. The support is gratefully acknowledged. The authors acknowledge the suggestions of the learned referees.


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