Fe(II)-Based GDE Electrodes for the Demineralization of Methylene Blue Dye

  • S. Z. J. ZaidiEmail author
  • E. Hurter
  • F. C. Walsh
  • C. Ponce de León
Open Access
Research Article - Chemical Engineering


This paper describes the removal of methylene blue (MB) dye using [Fe(II)]-based gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs). GDEs were developed by rolling carbon black and polytetrafluoroethylene as a conductive layer for efficient oxygen reduction reaction, with an [Fe(II)] ink layer (\(5\,\hbox {mg cm}^{-2}\) loading) to conduct Fenton chemistry. The GDEs demonstrated the ability to remove the colour and mineralize MB dye in an undivided, three-electrode cell. Colour removal achieved 99% in a \(150\,\hbox {cm}^{3}\) solution containing 100 ppm of MB dye at constant potential of \({-}\) 1.0 V vs. \(\hbox {Hg/HgSO}_{4}\) in 240 min. The kinetics of the MB decolouration showed pseudo-first-order batch kinetics. The results demonstrated that a GDE containing immobilized Fe(II) ions appears to be a viable option for the environmental remediation of organic dyes in wastewater by an anodic Fenton oxidation.


Demineralization Electro-Fenton Fe(II) Gas diffusion electrodes Methylene blue dye 


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  • F. C. Walsh
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