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Analytical Study on Dynamic Response Due to a Moving Load on Distinctly Characterized Orthotropic Half-Spaces Under Different Physical Conditions with Comparative Approach

  • A. K. Singh
  • M. K. PalEmail author
  • A. Negi
  • K. Ch. Mistri
Research Article - Civil Engineering


The present article analyzes the induced compressive, shear and tensile stresses due to a moving load on three distinctly characterized irregular orthotropic half-spaces, viz. functionally graded orthotropic viscoelastic half-space (Case-I), functionally graded initially stressed orthotropic elastic half-space (Case-II) and orthotropic magnetoelastic half-space (Case-III) under hydrostatic initial stress. The expressions for said induced stresses are deduced in closed form using analytical approach. The influences of various physical parameters, viz. maximum depth of irregularity, functionally gradedness, irregularity factor, initial stress, magnetoelastic coupling parameter, hydrostatic initial stress and frictional coefficient on induced stresses for concerned cases, have been investigated with a comparative analysis. To depict the outcomes numerically, the half-spaces comprised of Carbon fiber, Prepreg and T300/5208/graphite/epoxy material have been taken into account and the observations are highlighted. Moreover, some notable characteristics have been outlined and delineated through graphs.


Moving load Induced stress Orthotropic–viscoelastic Orthotropic–magnetoelastic Functionally graded 


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The authors convey their sincere thanks to University Grants Commission (UGC) for providing Junior Research Fellowship to Mr. Mukesh Kumar Pal for carrying out this research work. The authors are also beholden to National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) for providing necessary facilities in the completion of the present work through project entitled “Mathematical modeling of elastic wave propagation in highly anisotropic and heterogeneous media” with Project No. NBHM/R.P.78/2015/Fresh/2017.


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  • A. K. Singh
    • 1
  • M. K. Pal
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    Email author
  • A. Negi
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  • K. Ch. Mistri
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  1. 1.Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) DhanbadDhanbadIndia

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