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Internal Multimodel Control for Nonlinear Overactuated Systems

  • Nahla TouatiEmail author
  • Imen Saidi
  • Ahmed Dhahri
  • Dhaou Soudani
Research Article - Electrical Engineering


This paper deals with the synthesis of a novel internal multimodel control designed for nonlinear overactuated systems. The multimodel approach is proposed to deal with system nonlinearity. A base of linear models is considered to describe the nonlinear system in the whole operating domain and then squared by adding virtual outputs. An internal model controller, obtained by a specific inversion method, is proposed for each model of the base. Thus, the global system control parameters are deduced through fusion of the elementary controller parameters by means of two techniques: commutation or residual approach. The case of three inputs/two outputs system is studied to illustrate the ability of both techniques to satisfy a tolerance interval for position error values, overshoot, settling time specifications and robustness requirement.


Internal multimodel control Nonlinear overactuated systems Multimodel approach Linear models Virtual outputs Internal model controller Commutation or residual approach 


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  1. 1.LA.R.A, Automatic Research Laboratory of National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT)TunisTunisia

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