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Experimental Investigation and Prediction of Optimum Process Parameter for Plasma Assisted Diffusion Bonding of Commercial Pure Titanium and Austenitic Stainless Steel

  • K. Ananthakumar
  • S. KumaranEmail author
Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


An experimental evaluation was successfully carried out in the present research work, to determine the process variables in diffusion bonding of dissimilar materials by the application of plasma-assisted sintering technique. The bonding temperature, applied pressure, and holding time are considered as influencing parameters, while shear strength and hardness are regarded as response variables in this process. The experimental design is formulated by integrating the response surface methodology-based center composite design approach for three parameters and three levels. Analysis of variance is carried out to calculate the significance of each process parameters on output responses and to study the parameters interaction effect on output responses. It is found that the maximal shear strength of 325.95 MPa and interface hardness of 289.02 HV are attained when the optimized parameter conditions such as bonding temperature, bonding pressure, and holding time are \(738.35\,{^{\circ }}\hbox {C}\), 16.12 kN, and 8.13 min, respectively.


Dissimilar alloys Diffusion bonding Spark plasma-assisted joining Shear strength Interface hardness RSM 


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