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Experimental Analysis for Performance Evaluation and Unsteadiness Quantification for One Turbocharger Vane-Less Radial Turbine Operating on a Gasoline Engine

  • Ahmed Ketata
  • Zied Driss
  • Mohamed Salah Abid
Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Most of the available test rigs of turbochargers use a specified device to reproduce the waveform of the engine exhaust gas which is not physically pertinent regarding that several parameters can influence the pulse form of the flow at the engine exhaust manifold. In order to overcome this drawback, a new test rig of one turbocharger vane-less radial turbine operating on a four-stroke engine to characterize this turbomachine under its real flow conditions was built. Based on test data collected from the test rig, developed at the National School of Engineers of Sfax, a characterization of the turbine performance under different operating conditions has been carried out. To validate the experimental methodology, an uncertainty analysis has been performed. The results prove that the performance and flow characteristics of the studied turbine present a high sensitivity to the gas waveform and the pulse frequency of the flow coming from the engine exhaust manifold. Besides, a Strouhal number analysis using a fast Fourier series transform has been made to characterize the unsteadiness level of the flow within the present turbine. The results show an important impact of the pulse frequency on the turbine unsteady characteristics.


Turbocharger Turbine ICE Performance Efficiency Pulse 

List of Symbols


Area (\(\hbox {m}^{2}\))


Speed of sound (\(\hbox {m}\,\hbox {s}^{-1}\))


Fourier real coefficients


Fourier imaginary coefficients


Specific heat capacity at constant pressure, (\(\hbox {J}\,\hbox {K}^{-1}~\hbox {kg}^{-1}\))


Diameter (m)


Frequency (Hz)


Cut-off frequency (Hz)


Pulse frequency (Hz)


Fourier series Strouhal number (dimensionless)


Fourier series acoustic Strouhal number (dimensionless)


Fourier series pressure Strouhal number (dimensionless)

\({F}\beta \)

Fourier series reduced frequency (dimensionless)


Enthalpy per unit mass (\(\hbox {J}\,\hbox {kg}^{-1}\))


Length (m)


Mass flow rate (\(\hbox {kg}\,\hbox {s}^{-1}\))


Exhaust group number (dimensionless)


Stroke number (dimensionless)


Engine speed (rpm)


Turbine speed (rpm)


Pressure (Pa)


Strouhal number (dimensionless)


Acoustic Strouhal number (dimensionless)


Pressure acoustic Strouhal number (dimensionless)


Universal gas constant (\(\hbox {J}\,\hbox {K}^{-1}\,\hbox {mol}^{-1}\))


Temperature (K)


Time (s)


Velocity (\(\hbox {m}\,\hbox {s}^{-1}\))


Power (W)

\(\beta \)

Reduced frequency or diameter ratio (dimensionless)

\(\varepsilon \)

Expansion factor (dimensionless)

\(\rho \)

Density (\(\hbox {kg}\,\hbox {m}^{-3}\))

\(\omega \)

Window function, or angular frequency (\(\hbox {rad}\,\hbox {s}^{-1}\))

\(\tau \)

Torque (N m)

\(\eta \)

Total-to-static efficiency, dimensionless

\(\gamma \)

Specific heat capacity ratio

\(\phi \)

Scalar variable

\(\Delta \)




Turbine upstream


Turbine downstream


Stagnation condition


Signal A






Signal B





Blade tip speed ratio


Bottom dead center




Fast fourier series transform


Inverse fast fourier series transform


Mass flow parameter










Top dead center firing


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Electro-Mechanic SystemsNational School of Engineers of Sfax, University of SfaxSfaxTunisia

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