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Sonophotocatalytic Degradation Studies of Alizarin Reactive Red Dye

Research Article - Chemical Engineering


The photocatalytic oxidative degradation and discoloration of the reactive dye was investigated. Along with photochemical oxidation process, the sonochemical effect was also used. Experiments were performed in slurry mode in both UV and solar light at optimized conditions. Degradation observed was 88% under photocatalytic optimized conditions, i.e., pH 4.8, TiO2 = 0.3 g L−1 and oxidant dose of 0.3 g L−1 after 180 min. sonophotocatalytic treatment enhanced the degradation up to 94% with optimized parameters of photocatalytic treatment. The results obtained were quite appreciable as also confirmed from reduction in COD from 280 to 36 mg L−1. The results of sonophotocatalytic degradation of dye showed that it could be used as efficient and environmental friendly technique for the complete degradation of recalcitrant organic pollutants that will increase the chances for the reuse of wastewater.


Reactive dye Photocatalytic Recalcitrant Sonochemical Wastewater 


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