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Thermal Analysis of Natural Convection in Porous Fins with Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM)

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In this paper, porous fin has been studied and its nonlinear ordinary differential equation has been solved through homotopy perturbation method. In this method, a homotopy is introduced to be constructed for the equation. The initial approximations can be freely chosen with possible unknown constants, which can be determined by imposing the boundary and initial conditions. To study the thermal performance, one type case is considered: finite-length fin with insulated tip.



Thermal conductivity


Darcy number, K/t2


Thermal conductivity ratio, (k eff /k f )


Permeability of porous fin




convection parameter


Heat transfer rateα


Rayleigh number, Gr × Pr


Porous parameter


Temperature at any point


Temperature at fin base


Thickness of the fin

ν W(x) :

Velocity of fluid passing through the fin anypoint


Width of the fin


Axial coordinate


Dimensionless axial coordinate, (x/L)

θ :

Dimensionless temperature


Base temperature difference, (Tb–T∞)


Solid properties


Fluid properties


Porous properties


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  • Porous fin
  • Homotopy perturbation method (HPM)
  • Nonlinear ordinary differential equation
  • Finite-length fin with insulated tip