Centers and partial volumes of convex cones II. Advanced topics

  • Alberto  Seeger Email author
  • Mounir Torki
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This is the second part of an extensive work on volumetric centers and least partial volumes of proper cones in \(\mathbb {R}^n\). The first part [cf. Seeger and Torki (Beiträge Algebra Geom, 2014) Centers and partial volumes of convex cones. I: Basic theory] was devoted to presenting the general theory. We now treat some more specialized issues. The notion of least partial volume is a reasonable alternative to the classical concept of solid angle, whereas the concept of volumetric center is an alternative to the old notion of incenter.


Partial volume of a convex cone Solid angle Volumetric center Incenter Homogeneous cone Blaschke-Santaló inequality 

Mathematics Subject Classification

51M25 52A38 47L07 


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