A Microscale Planar Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

  • Trevor K. Decker
  • Yajun Zheng
  • Aaron J. Ruben
  • Xiao Wang
  • Stephen A. Lammert
  • Daniel E. Austin
  • Aaron R. HawkinsEmail author
Research Article


The planar linear ion trap (PLIT) is a version of the two-dimensional linear quadrupole ion trap constructed using two facing dielectric substrates on which electrodes are lithographically patterned. In this article, we present a PLIT that was successfully miniaturized from a radius of 2.5 mm to a microscale radius of 800 μm (a scaling factor of 3.125). The mathematics concerning scaling an ion trap mass spectrometer are demonstrated—including the tradeoff between RF power and pseudopotential well depth. The time average power for the microscale PLIT is, at best, ~ 1/100 that of the PLIT but at a cost of potential well depth of ~ 1/10 the original. Experimental data using toluene/deuterated toluene and isobutylbenze to verify trap performance demonstrated resolutions around 1.5 Da at a pressure of 5.4 × 10−3 Torr. The microscale PLIT was shown to retain resolutions between 2.3 and 2.7 Da at pressures up to 42 × 10−3 Torr while consuming a factor of 3.38 less time average power than the unscaled PLIT.

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Mass spectrometry Ion trap miniaturization Ion traps Instrumentation 



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