Rapid Assessment of Contaminants and Interferences in Mass Spectrometry Data Using Skyline

  • Matthew J. RardinEmail author
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Proper sample preparation in proteomic workflows is essential to the success of modern mass spectrometry experiments. Complex workflows often require reagents which are incompatible with MS analysis (e.g., detergents) necessitating a variety of sample cleanup procedures. Efforts to understand and mitigate sample contamination are a continual source of disruption with respect to both time and resources. To improve the ability to rapidly assess sample contamination from a diverse array of sources, I developed a molecular library in Skyline for rapid extraction of contaminant precursor signals using MS1 filtering. This contaminant template library is easily managed and can be modified for a diverse array of mass spectrometry sample preparation workflows. Utilization of this template allows rapid assessment of sample integrity and indicates potential sources of contamination.

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