Boutroux curves with external field: equilibrium measures without a variational problem

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The nonlinear steepest descent method for rank-two systems relies on the notion of g-function. The applicability of the method ranges from orthogonal polynomials (and generalizations) to Painlevé transcendents, and integrable wave equations (KdV, NonLinear Schrödinger, etc.). For the case of asymptotics of generalized orthogonal polynomials with respect to varying complex weights we can recast the requirements for the Cauchy-transform of the equilibrium measure into a problem of algebraic geometry and harmonic analysis and completely solve the existence and uniqueness issue without relying on the minimization of a functional. This addresses and solves also the issue of the “free boundary problem", determining implicitly the curves where the zeroes of the orthogonal polynomials accumulate in the limit of large degrees and the support of the measure. The relevance to the quasi-linear Stokes phenomenon for Painlevé equations is indicated. A numerical algorithm to find these curves in some cases is also explained.

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