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Modeling refractive index change in writing long-period fiber gratings using mid-infrared laser radiation

  • João M. P. Coelho
  • Marta C. Nespereira
  • Manuel Abreu
  • José M. Rebordão
Open Access


The research on the use of fiber sensors based on long-period fiber gratings inscribed by CO2 laser mid-infrared radiation has increased in the last years. In this paper, a set of analytical expressions are used to model the interaction between laser radiation and an optical fiber and to determine the resulting refractive index change. Thermal and residual stress analysis is exemplified for a standard single mode fiber, demonstrating the capability of these models to point out the necessary parameters to achieve proper optical fiber devices based on long period fiber gratings. Experimental results are also presented.


Optical fiber sensors fiber gratings laser processing refractive index thermo-mechanical processes 


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  • João M. P. Coelho
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  • Marta C. Nespereira
    • 1
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  • Manuel Abreu
    • 1
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  • José M. Rebordão
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  1. 1.Faculty of Sciences, Laboratory of Optics, Lasers and SystemsUniversity of LisbonLisbonPortugal
  2. 2.Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of LisbonLisbonPortugal

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