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Isolated Congenital Tracheobiliary Fistula

  • Shweta PathakEmail author
  • Shishir Jethi
  • Rajendra Saoji
Case Report



Congenital tracheobiliary fistula is a rare developmental anomaly with a persistent communication between the biliary system and the trachea.


A 7-day-old baby with severe respiratory distress and aspiration pneumonia.


Tracheobilliary fistula identified on bronchoscopy. Open surgical excision of fistula was followed by improvement.


This condition should be considered in the differential diagnosis of intractable aspiration pneumonia.


Aspiration pneumonia Bronchoscopy Neonate Respiratory distress 


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  1. 1.Department of PediatricsShree Jagdish Children HospitalJabalpurIndia

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