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Abstracts from HSG 2017


Poster #1

Current Challenges and Future Opportunities: The Huntington Disease Care Improvement Project

Karen Anderson1, Jack Griffin2, Stevan Ramirez3, Joni Steinman4, Al Kinel4, Shari Kinel3

1Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA

2Griffin Foundation, Potomac, MD, USA

3Huntington Study Group, Rochester, NY, USA

4Strategic Interests, LLC, Rochester, NY, USA


Background: Numerous Huntington disease (HD) advocacy and research groups exist in the USA, but there has been minimal strategic collaboration between them to date. This project investigated challenges faced by key community stakeholders that utilize one or multiple HD groups, and strategized next steps regarding solutions.

Objectives: To assess the relationship between various HD advocacy and research organizations, and to strategize future opportunities for the HD community.

Methods:In conjunction with the Huntington Study Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) created a structured guide to facilitate stakeholder...

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