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Surgical treatment of hepatic metastases from gastric cancer

  • Silvia MinistriniEmail author
  • Leonardo Solaini
  • Chiara Cipollari
  • Silvia Sofia
  • Elisabetta Marino
  • Alessia D’Ignazio
  • Maria Bencivenga
  • Guido A. M. Tiberio
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The purpose of the study was to investigate the clinical factors influencing the prognosis of patients submitted to hepatectomy for metastases from gastric cancer and their clinical role. We conducted a retrospective multicentre review. We evaluated how survival from surgery was influenced by patient-related, tumour-related and treatment-related prognostic factors. We analysed data on 144 patients submitted to hepatectomy for metastases from gastric cancer, in the synchronous and metachronous setting. In 117 cases, an R0 resection was achieved, while in 27 an R + hepatic resection was performed. Chemotherapy was administered to 55 patients. Surgical mortality was 2.1% and morbidity 21.5%. One-, 3-, and 5-year OS rates after surgery were 49.9, 19.4 and 11.6%, respectively, with a median OS of 12.0 months. T4 gastric cancer, H3 hepatic involvement, non-curative resection, recurrence after surgery, and abstention from chemotherapy were associated with a worse prognosis. Factor T and H displayed a clear (p < 0.001) cumulative effect. Our data show that R0 resection must be pursued whenever possible. The treatment of T4 gastric cancer with hepatic bilateral and diffuse metastasis (H3) should be considered carefully or it should be probably avoided. Finally, a multimodal treatment associating surgery and chemotherapy offers the best survival results.


Gastric cancer Hepatic metastasis Curative surgery 


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The study was approved by Institutional Review Board.

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All patients signed at the admission a consent to anonymous data treatment for retrospective studies.


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