Updates in Surgery

, Volume 66, Issue 1, pp 9–21

Focal nodular hyperplasia and hepatic adenoma: current diagnosis and management

  • Agustin Cristiano
  • Agustin Dietrich
  • Juan Carlos Spina
  • Victoria Ardiles
  • Eduardo de Santibañes
Review Article


Benign liver tumors are common lesions that can be classified into cystic and solid lesions. Cystic lesions are the most frequent; however, they rarely represent a diagnostic or therapeutic challenge. In contrast, solid lesions are more difficult to characterize and management remains controversial. The wide availability and use of advanced imaging modalities, including ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging have led to increased identification of incidental liver masses. Although some of these incidentally discovered masses are malignant, most are benign and must be included in the differential diagnosis. In this article we review FNH and HA. Its etiology, biological behavior, diagnosis, and treatment will be highlighted.


Benign liver tumors Focal nodular hyperplasia Hepatocellular adenoma Diagnosis Management Treatment 


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