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Correction to: Chronic prescribed burning alters nutrient deposition and sediment stoichiometry in a lake ecosystem

  • Matthew N. WatersEmail author
  • Alexander P. Metz
  • Joseph M. Smoak
  • Hunter Turner

Correction to: Ambio

The publication contained a dating model that was based on AD/BC dates instead of years before present (YBP) dates for the three C14 AMS values. As a result, dates reported as YBP should be reported as BC. While all of the dates for the prescribed burning period are correct given that they were based on the 210Pb model, all dates reported as YBP should read BC.

Specific changes to the manuscript are as follows:
  • The abstract should read, “throughout the last 8000 years.”

  • The final paragraph in the introduction should read, “from the mid-Holocene (~ 6000 BC) to present.”

  • The end of the first paragraph in the Results section should read, “the sediment core represented the past ~ 8000 YBP and the core sections below the 210Pb record averaged sedimentation rates of 1.73 ± 2.1 mg cm−2 year−1.”

  • All dates presented as Years Before Present or YPB for the remainder of the manuscript should be reported as BC.

  • Added to Acknowledgements: “The authors would like to thank Sally Horn and Matt Boehm with help with the age model and dating.”

  • Table 1 has been updated with the “Calibrated Age” column reflecting the correct dates in YBP notation.
    Table 1

    AMS 14C samples from the Ocean Pond, FL sediment core

    Lab sample ID

    Sample material

    Core depth (cm)

    δ13C (‰)

    14C Age (BP)

    Calibrated age (95% CI)




    − 25.1

    5380 ± 30

    6228 ± 54




    − 27.9

    5660 ± 30

    6449 ± 54




    − 23.5

    7500 ± 30

    8340 ± 48

    δ13C values are calculated against the reference standard, Pee Dee Belemnite. Age dates were calculated using the Calib 7.0 program and reflect years before 1950 AD (Stuiver et al. 2018)

  • Figure 2 has been updated to reflect the BC to YBP changes in the calibrated AMS C14 dates. Both panels have been changed to include the older dates.
    Fig. 2

    Excess 210Pb (left panel) and Age (right panel) verses depth for the Ocean Pond, FL sediment core. Lines on left panel show the three calibrated AMS14C dates (Stuiver et al. 2018). For the right panel, large samples represent ages formulated from 210Pb or AMS14C measurements with error bars of one standard deviation. Smaller symbols are calculated dates from the dating model


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  • Matthew N. Waters
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    Email author
  • Alexander P. Metz
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  • Joseph M. Smoak
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  • Hunter Turner
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  1. 1.Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences DepartmentAuburn UniversityAuburnUSA
  2. 2.Environmental Science University of South FloridaSt. PetersburgUSA
  3. 3.Biology DepartmentValdosta State UniversityValdostaUSA

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