Current engine noise and reduction technology

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This article reviews current turbofan engine noise and engine noise reduction technology, specifically focusing on the engine technology of larger passenger jetliners which have entered into service within the last ten (10) years. Important factors in turbofan engine design from a community noise perspective and the sources of noise along with their relative importance are also presented. A review of different engine noise reduction technologies is presented, as well as an estimate of the technology’s readiness level. Finally, potential trade-offs, challenges, and future technology directions are outlined.


Turbofan engine noise Noise reduction technology Turbofan engine design Technology trends 



Bypass ratio at max takeoff power


Fan pressure ratio at max takeoff power


Fan outlet guide vanes (sometimes called fan exit guide vanes)


Low-pressure turbine


Computational fluid dynamics


Computational aero acoustics


Nitrous oxide


Technology readiness level (as defined by NASA)



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