Toward noise certification during design: airframe noise simulations for full-scale, complete aircraft

  • Mehdi R. KhorramiEmail author
  • Ehab Fares
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An overview of a recent, NASA-sponsored effort to substantially advance simulation-based airframe noise prediction is presented. An accurate characterization of this component of aircraft noise requires a high-fidelity representation of the finer geometrical details associated with the landing gear and wing high-lift devices, such as slats and flaps, which constitute major noise sources. To achieve this ambitious goal, a systematic approach was followed to extend our current state-of-the-art computational tools to a full-scale, complete aircraft in landing configuration within a realistic flight environment. The work involved several phases: high-fidelity, large-scale, unsteady flow simulations; model-scale experiments in ground-based facilities; and farfield noise prediction for a full-scale, complete aircraft. The comprehensive aeroacoustic database generated during the course of the 6-year effort provided a wealth of relevant information for full validation and benchmarking of the advanced computational tools used in the present work. The database will also foster the development of simulation methodologies with improved predictive capabilities.


Airframe noise Full-scale aircraft Aeroacoustic simulation Business jet Noise prediction 



This work was entirely supported by the ERA project under the Integrated Aviation Systems Program (IASP) of NASA. Special thanks are due to Thomas Van de Ven (retired) and Scott Dutton of GAC for facilitating and assisting with transfer and development of the full-scale aircraft geometry model. Our gratitude also goes to Scott Brynildsen of Vigyan, Inc. for providing geometry modifications and CAD support. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to Patrick Moran of the NASA Ames Research Center for high-quality visualizations and animations of the large data sets. The authors are also grateful to Benjamin Duda and Jason Appelbaum of Exa Corporation for their support on post-processing and geometry preparation. All the simulations were performed on the Pleiades supercomputer at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) facility at Ames Research Center. The logistical support provided by NAS staff, in particular Yan-Tyng (Sherry) Chang of Computer Sciences Corporation, is greatly appreciated.


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