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Thank you to our CEAS Aeronautical Journal Reviewers


It is well known that the quality of a scientific journal strongly depends on the rigorous work of the people involved in the review process, such as the Associate Editors, but in particular our esteemed team of Reviewers.

The editors of the CEAS Aeronautical Journal highly appreciate the dedication and the cooperation of the Reviewers listed below, who have made their excellent contributions to maintain the high quality of the Journal throughout 2018.

Neven Alujevic

Kristian Amadori

Roberto Gil Annes da Silva

Sean Bailey

Tolga Baklacioglu

Ashok Banagar

George Barakos

Ronald Barrett-Gonzalez

Christian Bartels

Philippe Beaumier

Thomas Beumler

Vincenzo Bianco

Przemyslaw Bibik

Chiara Bisagni

Gérard Bois

Clark Borst

Björn Bosbach

Christian Brauner

Christian Breitsamter

Ulf Breuer

Dieter Brillert

Andy Broeren

Xiangwei Bu

Pierluigi Capone

Micael Carmo

Michele Castellani

Paolo Castellini

Philippe Chatelain

Geoffroy Chaussonnet

Daniele Chiappini

Mi Geum Chorzepa

Pawel Chwalowski

Gianpaolo Conte


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