Acknowledgement of APESM reviewers for Volume 41, 2018


Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine and ACPSEM are deeply indebted to the reviewers who generously donate their time and expertise to evaluate and improve manuscripts. APESM has a website at Publons where reviewers may lodge their review thank-yous for “credit”:

The names of those 274 reviewers from 40 countries who reported on the manuscripts published in, or considered for Volume 41 are given below:

Outstanding Reviewers for 2018

Nizam Uddin Ahamed (Canada)

Mariusz Bajger (Australia)

Selim Bozkurt (United Kingdom)

Scott B. Crowe (Australia)

D. Somasundaram (India)

Heyfa Ammar (Saudi Arabia)

Bassam Al-Naami (Jordan)

Romuald Gajewski (Australia)

Hamid Abdollahi (Iran)

Shahab Anna Abdulla (Australia)

Seyed Ali Aghayan (Iran)

Nizam Uddin Ahamed (Canada)

Alireza Ahmadian (Iran)

Md Rezwanul Ahsan (Malaysia)

Selahaddin Batuhan Akben (Turkey)

Leon Alexander (Australia)

Mohamed Nabih Ali...

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