Eric J. Hall and Amato J. Giaccia: Radiobiology for the radiologist

Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, PA, 2019, Eighth Edition, 624 pp, ISBN: 978-1496335418
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The dream of personalised radiotherapy treatments in radiation oncology is slowly becoming a reality. Medical physicists are an integral part of this paradigm shift due to their specialised knowledge in the field of accelerator physics and radiation dosimetry. But that is only half the picture. As specialists in the field of radiation therapy, medical physicist must have an understanding of radiation biology; the study of how radiation interacts with cells and the biological mechanisms which lead to cell death and carcinogenesis.

Now in its eighth edition, Radiobiology for the Radiologist has been the “gold standard” reference for radiobiology since it was first published in 1972. Written by Eric Hall and Amato Giaccia, both unquestionably authorities in the field of radiobiology, this text provides the reader with a solid foundation of the key concepts in radiobiology without requiring specialist physics, biology or chemistry knowledge.

I found myself referring to this text as I...

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