Pyonephrosis: A Rare Cause of Puerperal Pyrexia

  • Col Prasad LeleEmail author
  • Lt Col Manoj Kumar Tangri
  • Maj Debkalyan Maji
  • Brig S. K. Gupta
Case Report


Nephrolithiasis affects 10 % of general population and does not spare the pregnant population. Incidence of urinary tract calculi is infrequent during pregnancy with wide variation from 1 in 244 to 2000 pregnancies [1]. Although a simple stone event is usually straightforward in the general population, it is complex during pregnancy. Acute nephrolithiasis in pregnancy may be asymptomatic or presents with many complications such as premature rupture of membrane and preterm labor. Because of imaging limitations and compartmental approach, the diagnosis is challenging. Here we are presenting one case of nephrolithiasis, which presented as preterm labor and in postpartum period developed puerperal pyrexia with giant pyonephrosis. The case report aims to review the current knowledge concerning this subject and stresses importance of a holistic approach in antenatal care.

Case Report

28-Year third gravida with gestational diabetes mellitus on oral hypoglycemic drugs at 32-week...


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