XY Female with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome with Bilateral Inguinal Hernia

  • Rema V. Nair
  • S. Bhavana
Case Report


The complete androgen insensitivity syndrome, previously called testicular feminization syndrome, is an X-linked recessive rare disorder. The individual is phenotypically female and genotypically male: a male pseudohermaphrodite. The individuals are reared as girls and the condition is suspected when the individual is evaluated for primary amenorrhea, infertility, or when unilateral/bilateral inguinal hernia is diagnosed in girls.

Case Report

A 30-year-old married lady presented to the gynecological OPD with complaints of swelling in the groin on both the sides for the past 4 months. The swelling increased on coughing, straining and reduced on lying down. There was no history suggestive of obstruction/irreducibility. She had not attained menarche. She was married to a widower for the past 8 years. The husband had 2 children from the first wife. They had no problems during sexual intercourse. She had 3 siblings, all of whom were married and had children.

On examination, she...


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