Correction to: Aptian–Albian oil shale unconventional system as registration of Cretaceous oceanic anoxic sub-events in the southern Tethys (Bir M’Cherga basin, Tunisia)

  • Rachida Talbi
  • Rached Lakhdar
  • Amor Smati
  • Reginal Spiller
  • Raymond Levey
Open Access

Correction to: Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology

In the original publication, part of Fig. 3 caption has been incorrectly added to Fig. 4 caption. The corrected figures captions are given here.

Fig. 3 Organic-rich and organic-lean microfacies and their micro-constituents of Bir M’Cherga Aptian–Albian source rocks (Corel Draw figure exported into jpeg format). a Laminated organic matter with about 14 wt% TOC (thin rock section—transmitted light), b preserved fish scale (thin rock section—reflected light), c microfacies with planktonic fauna showing intragranular microporosity filled by hydrocarbons (thin rock section—transmitted light), d Coccolithes-rich nannofacies showing intragranular fossil porosity (SEM photo), e Hydrocarbons filling microfractures with 0.75 wt% TOC (thin rock section-fluorescent light), f hydrocarbons filling microfracture (thin rock section-transmitted light), g fromboïdal pyrite showing intragranular nannaoporosity between crystals (rock section—SEM photo), h amorphous organic matter (extracted organic matter-fluorescent light), i fusinite fragment (extracted organic matter-reflected light) and j detail of i

Fig. 4 HI/OI diagram showing the representative points of samples from Bir M’Cherga Aptian–Albian source rocks (Corel Draw figure exported into jpeg format)

The original article has been corrected.

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  1. 1.Georessources Laboratory, Research Center and Water Technologies (CERTE)Technopark of Borj-CedriaSolimanTunisia
  2. 2.Sciences Faculty of BizerteCarthage University, Bassins Sédimentaires et Géologie du Pétrole (BSGP)BizerteTunisia
  3. 3.CEO Azimuth EnergyHoustonUSA
  4. 4.Energy and Geoscience InstituteSalt Lake CityUSA

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