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Genotypic variation of nodules’ enzymatic activities in symbiotic nitrogen fixation among common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes grown under salinity constraint

  • Mustapha FaghireEmail author
  • Farissi Mohamed
  • Khadijattou Taoufiq
  • Rachid Fghire
  • Adnane Bargaz
  • Btissam Mandri
  • Khalid Oufdou
  • Amenc Laury
  • Jean-Jacques Drevon
  • Cherki Ghoulam


The effect of salt stress, under glasshouse conditions, was studied on plant biomass, nodulation, and activities of acid phosphatases (APase, EC and trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase (TPP, EC in the symbiosis common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)-rhizobia nodules. Four common bean recombinant inbred lines (147, 115, 104 and 83) were separately inoculated, with CIAT 899 or RhM11 strains and grown in hydroaeroponic culture. Two NaCl levels (0 and 25 mM NaCl plant−1 week−1 corresponding, respectively, to the control and the salt treatment) were applied and the culture was assessed during 42 days after their transplantation. The results showed that the nodulation of these lines was not affected by salinity except for the line 83 inoculated with CIAT 899, whose nodule dry weight decreased by 48.24 % compared with the corresponding controls. For the other symbiotic combinations, shoot and root biomasses were not significantly affected by salt constraint. Salinity stress generally reduced acid phosphatise and trehalose phosphate phosphatase activities in nodules that were less affected in plants inoculated with RhM11. Based on our data, it appears that nodule phosphatase activity may be involved in salinity tolerance in common beans and the levels of salt tolerance depend principally on specific combination of the rhizobial strain and the host cultivar.


Common bean Nodulation Salinity constraint Acid phosphatase Trehalose phosphate phosphatase RT-PCR in situ 



This work was financially supported by PRAD project N° 06-08. The authors wish to thank Hélène Vailhe (INRA, Montpellier) for her technical assistance.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Mustapha Faghire
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    • 3
    Email author
  • Farissi Mohamed
    • 2
  • Khadijattou Taoufiq
    • 3
  • Rachid Fghire
    • 3
  • Adnane Bargaz
    • 6
  • Btissam Mandri
    • 2
  • Khalid Oufdou
    • 4
  • Amenc Laury
    • 5
  • Jean-Jacques Drevon
    • 5
  • Cherki Ghoulam
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  1. 1.Department of BiologyFaculty of Sciences, Ibn Zohr UniversityAgadirMorocco
  2. 2.Faculté des Sciences et Techniques Guéliz-MarrakechEquipe de Biotechnologie Végétale et Agrophysiologie des SymbiosesMarrakechMorocco
  3. 3.Centre des Études et Recherches sur l’Espace Marocain (CEREM)Province TahanaouteMorocco
  4. 4.Faculté des Sciences-SemlaliaLaboratoire de Biologie et de Biotechnologie des MicroorganismesMarrakechMorocco
  5. 5.INRA-Montpellier-SupAgro, UMR1222, Rhizosphère et SymbiosesMontpellierFrance
  6. 6.Department of Biosystems and TechnologySwedish University of Agricultural SciencesAlnarpSweden

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